Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

The quote below was given to me on a small piece of paper by my SO's father back in 2008. I have carried it in my wallet with me every day since. Yesterday, we (his family) gathered at his grave to pay respects to the charismatic man known as Joe Flannery. I had planned to read this quote, but just couldn't make it through without crying, so my SO read it for me and I want to share it here today for my birthday.

The best thing you have in this world is today. Today is your savior; it is often crucified between two thieves, yesterday and tomorrow. Most of our misery is left over from yesterday or borrowed from tomorrow. Whoever planned this life of ours did well in giving us one day at a time. Don’t let the past unman you, benumb you with remorse, weaken you with self contempt. As for the future, the best preparation for it is an unafraid today. Today is yours. God has given it to you. All your yesterdays He has taken back; all your tomorrows are in His hands. Today is yours, just a little strip of light between two darknesses. Use it so that at its close you can say; “I have lived and loved today.”
                                                Dr. Frank Crane

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