Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finally, some scrapbooking!

My BFF Lisa came to my house yesterday with her husband and while the boys watched our beloved Bengals lose, Lisa and I spent some quality time scrapbooking!

These are all photos taken on a day trip to Smith-Berry Winery in New Castle, Kentucky with Lisa and her husband Cliff as well as Cliff's sister Donna and her husband Bob.

A total of 11 pages in about 4-5 hours, so i'm quite pleased.


  1. Very nice layouts. I am impressed with your quantity and quality. Especially since you haven't scrapped for quite awhile. Just like me. Keep it up. It takes us to our happy place. ALSB is the key.

  2. Yes it is as I only completed 3 but made 4 cards always fun no matter what we do.! Lisa Sullender

  3. Oh these LOs are wonderful Chrissie. Good for you to jump back into scrapping. Someone needs to light a fire under me to get back to scrapping.