Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wicked Pendant for a Wonderful show

Below is a photo of me (wearing the pendant) and my BFF Lisa at dinner before the show.

Maybe I will give a full review of the show on another post, but I can sum it up in two words. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!
Can I also just state for the record that I love having friends that "get me"....
and Lisa definitely "gets me"! I love you girl!

Now...onto the explanation: As is often the case, inspiration came to me just hours before a deadline! I don't know how to summon (perhaps I need to learn a spell??) this type of inspiration earlier in the creative process, but I guess that's just how I roll. Anyway, I needed a Wicked accessory to wear to the theater with my "little black dress". While searching online for the images used on the card in my previous post, I came across an image of the program bundle and I just loved the multiple color choices and most especially, I love the design with the gears in the upper left (but I needed/wanted green!).
So, I dug through my crafty stash and found an unopened package of Ideology Ornate Plates (image is from Etsy seller: PrettyPaperz).

I printed the image on white cardstock and then I simply traced the oval opening on the ornate plate on another piece of cardstock and cut it out for a template. I transferred the template to the printed image, cut the oval shape and glued it to the plate with glossy accents. As printed, the image was a bit small for the oval opening, so I added the green gems at the bottom to mask the shortage plus I thought a little green bling was called for! I then went to my bead stash and found some beautiful green cat eye like beads, a couple appropriately sized bead caps, and a bronze chain, and just attached all with a few jump rings. If time had allowed, I would have added alcohol ink to the bead caps to make them match the bronze finish on the chain and the ornate plate, AND...I would have covered/sealed the image with glossy accents, but since time didn't allow, I just went with it as is. It was the perfect accessory for a perfect show!


If you love musicals and all things Oz, you MUST see this show. Heck, I'd even reco it if you don't love musicals or Oz. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. Simply magical and an experience of a lifetime!


  1. Chrissie, first of all, you look fantastic! Second, what an awesome jewelry piece!! Great job :)

  2. Great shot of you two and that pendant is out of this world. Love your hair, too.