Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My decor for HALLOWEEN...the most wonderful time of the year!

 So, as promised, I'm back to talk about my absolute favorite thing about October...it's HALLOWEEN! I'm a little bit of a freak when it comes to this holiday and my tastes in decor are usually quite dark and macabre. The cutesy stuff is nice, but I like the truly wicked and mysterious decor (not necessarily blood and gore, although that's ok too)...i just tend to like a more spooky or sinister feel. I think I've made myself clear, don't you?

Anyway, I thought i'd share some of my Halloween home decor which is almost always inspired by(and sometimes, a direct copy of) something I saw on Pinterest.  This is a very photo-heavy post and even though I arranged them neatly in the post window, they publish differently so I apologize. You can check out my Halloween pinterest board here.

First up is my bathroom. I don't do a whole lot because it's a small bathroom and there isn't a lot of room for unnecessary stuff. This is mostly dollar tree items with a few finds from Michaels (like the scull felt placemat which I thought made a perfect wallhanging). What I really wanted to do was attach it to a canvas and have lights behind it to really show off all the intricate cuts. I have a quirky sense of humor, so i though the "enter if you dare" was funny for the bathroom door :).

Next is the Dining room. A goodwill sheet, 3 tier plate display and a couple white stemmed cups along with dollar tree pumpkins covered in inexpensive fabric. The "hoosier" cabinet got some fake family photos which were cheap plastic framed things at dollar tree which I cut and placed into "real" dollar tree frames. along with a specimen cloche (made from a 2 litre bottle and a heart shaped ornament) which is holding a few rotting and moldy hedge apples. On the top of the cabinet, I added a skeleton to the bike that always sits there and he (or she) is hauling a basket of mini sculls. In the corner, is a disembodied head that I made last year.

creepy cloth draped over existing curtains with a spider and pom pom banner

Bats were cut on my silhouette then scored and folded for dimension and adhered with some atg tape

The next area is the mantle and living room. I draped some tulle and added a set of Martha Stewart spiders crawling up and over the trim (FYI...i hate that wavy trim, but I can't seem to convince my husband to get rid of it!). The book covers are printables I found on pinterest which i inked over with brown distress ink to give them an aged look. A few more dollar tree pumpkins which are either crackle painted, covered in tissue, or left bright orange for a little color. EEK is spelled out with some inexpensive glittery foam letters I found at Wal-mart

The last few photos are also from the living room. A few "doctored" medicine bottles with labels printed from pinterest along with a fake dollar tree liver in a jar of water with bloody latest gloves. More "fake" framed family photos and a febreze luminary cover I designed and cut on my Silhouette. Also a Ouija board printable mounted on foamcore and a couple silhouettes added to existing frames.

pay no attention to the painters tape on this work in progress :)

The last but certainly not least item is my pride and joy. I should post a more detailed description of this, but basically, at Goodwill, I found a tacky battery-operated Santa on a rocking horse that I knew I could hack into something wicked....so I did. I bought a doll that fit the rocking horse and I coated it with a homemade recipe of texture paste which I painted in greys and whites to "zombify" it.
IT IS  positively creepy! I'm hoping i can post the video here, but I'm not sure it will work.


  1. oh that zombie baby on the rocking horse is super creepy... in a good way! Awesome decorations and my hat is off to you for making all this cool stuff. Love those bats - super!

  2. This is fabulous, Sis. Truly creepy and spooky. Very well done!