Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspiration Canvas with Hearts

Way back in the Spring, i wrote this post about the wonderful class I took from Jennifer McGuire. Well, some time ago, I finished the project completely but hadn't posted it yet.
Now, I'm taking an online class from Jennifer that is very very much the same, but with some wonderful bonuses and additional techniques. If you ever get the chance to take a class from her either online or in person, I highly recommend it. She's amazing and just so darn sweet!

This time around, I'm doing maple leaf shapes and in fall colors. Stay tuned as I hope to post a finished (or near finished) project in the next week.


  1. Gorgeous, Sis. Thanks for posting so I can have easy access to it. Looking forward to seeing your fall version.

  2. yours turned out so wonderful, I just love looking at all the fun techniques and colors! hope to get mine completed soon. I also cannot wait to see your fall themed canvas!