Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday greetings for a squirrely girl

Now that my sweet friend Nancy has received her birthday card, I can post it. What is ironic is that it uses 2 elements covered in the first couple days of the Holiday Card Workshop i'm enrolled in online; coloring and window cards. My coloring skills are seriously lacking though...anyway, i pinned this card some time ago to copy and so here's my take. I think the squirrel is TPC Studio, but i can't be sure...i gave the stamp set to the Squirrely birthday girl!


  1. This card is too cute for words. And yes, isn't it strange that we both made a window card before the class sample was even revealed. We must be on the same wavelength as Jen McGuire....ya think! Good job.

  2. it's even better in real life! How cool - you were ahead of class on this one GF! I do believe you are correct, TPC Studio for the stamps. (I'm at work, the stamps are at home...)