Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spontaneous Art

This piece evolved and took on a life of it's own. It demanded to be made, and so I obliged!

While perusing Dollar Tree the other day, I spotted this gift bag and knew I had to have it. I was thinking I would just frame the two cardinals together or decoupage to a tray or something. Being from Kentucky, I've always been fond of Cardinals (although it is the state bird for 7 states!) and I just knew I had to have this image and do something with it.
I rummaged through my collection of thrift store frames and found this gem I got for $5. I separated the pair of Cardinals but then I needed something for the center opening. I thought I would easily find a poem about cardinals and Christmas, or cardinals and winter or something online, but I did I wrote my own. Yes, I wrote my very first poem, or at least my first in more years than I could possibly imagine. So, here is it is (be gentle with your feedback, lol), and my final wall hanging.

Cardinals always seem to me,

The ornaments of winter’s tree.

A shock of red against the snow,

Joyfully singing wherever they go.

True gifts of winter are the cardinal pair,

Flying about without a care.


  1. Bravo Chrissie...I love your poem and love the art. You are just too talented for words.

  2. The art piece and the poetry are amazing. You are definitely coming into your own, sweetie!

  3. Your picture is lovely Chrissie and your poem is great. Happy Christmas. Annette x

  4. I love this! Such a wonderful idea!

  5. WOW - you are quite talented! I'm always amazed at your "trash" to treasure, and now a poet too!